Essential Westfest 2017 Information – Please Read
So, you’re coming to Westfest 2017 Halloween – maybe you’ve been before maybe you’re a Westfest virgin, either way we’ve put together a bit of a guide to help everyone coming to the event. The event opens at 7:00pm – there is no dress code.
This is the time of year everyone starts looking for their Westfest ticket in their emails. If you can’t find yours or have deleted it by mistake you need to speak with Ticket Arena who can be contacted at [email protected]

The name on the ticket is the name of the person who purchased the ticket, not necessarily the person holding or using the ticket.

If you need an extra ticket or two get them from here: www.westfest.co.uk or http://bit.ly/WF17Tickets


The postcode for the showground is BA4 6QN
There is a massive car park and it’s £9 for parking. Please don’t park on the roads around the venue, illegally parked cars will be removed and can’t be monitored by security. The car park will remain open until 2pm following the event. Please rest before driving if you are tired and do not drink drive. If you want to rest in your car after the event, we recommend bringing a duvet, drinks, snacks, toilet roll and annadin + Red Bull for your drive home.
Nearest train station is Castle Cary which has a shuttle bus service to the event which costs £5 whether single or return.
The car parks are open till 2:00pm on Sunday so you can rest before driving home – pack a blanket.
Please don’t walk along the roads round the showground – they’re really dangerous. If you arrive by train get the shuttle bus, it’s a dangerous 4 mile walk!
If you’re local to the event get a lift or a cab, there is no point risking your lives walking on the roads which don’t have pavements and aren’t lit.
Coach info can all be found at this link: http://bit.ly/WF17Coaches

We operate a challenge 25 policy. Please read itit answers all your ID questions, you can view it on this link: http://bit.ly/WF17IDPolicy

1. Please print your eTicket and bring it with you. Although we can scan from phone screens, this does slow things up where we’re waiting for people to find their tickets on their phone. If you insist on using your phone, please have your ticket somewhere you can find it easily and have it on your phone screen ready to be scanned.
2. There is lockers at the event (they sold out last year) and they are £10 each – you can pre-order them at this link http://bit.ly/WF17Lockers
3. The event looks like it will sell out in advance. If it doesn’t, door tickets will be £55. If the event does sell out in advance, these door tickets will also be sold in advance and then NO TICKETS WILL THEN BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR.
4. Please do not buy tickets from touts outside – they are likely to be fakes or duplicates and we hate having to turn people away because they’ve wasted money on tickets from touts. NEVER buy a ticket from anyone you don’t know and therefore can’t trust.
5. There is no dress code at Westfest, you can wear what you like. You can wear masks although we ask that you take them off when entering the event and purchasing tokens and drinks.
6. Think what you really need to bring. Do you really NEED a big expensive chain hanging round your neck or an expensive phone or camera you might lose? Lost property will be held on the merchandise stall. If you lose something please check on the merchandise stall before going home.
7. Don’t bring fireworks to the event – even in the car. It annoys the residents if people set them off and jeopardises future events at the showground.
8. There are cash machines on site. Please try not to rely on these as they can go down so try to bring the cash you need at the event.
9. The clocks technically change during this years Westfest. We advise people not to change their watches till after the event. There is no ‘magic’ extra hour and the event lasts for 11 hours from 7:00pm, just like always. The event finishes at 6am (old time) and immediately after that the time will be 5am in line with winters Daylight Saving Time. If you do change your watch during the event, please bear in mind that the set times will not correspond to your watch.
10. We work really hard to put on a great and safe event. Just remember that we don’t see everything so if you see behaviour you think is unacceptable, tell us. Report it to a member of security with a radio or a security supervisor. Don’t wait till after the event and write you saw this and that happening on Facebook without giving us a chance to deal with it then and there. Undercover police will be operating at the event.
11. We love Westfest, we hope you do too. Please enjoy the event safely.

See you at Westfest!

Tickets & Event Info: www.westfest.co.uk
ANTONY DAVIES – 8-8.45pm
DJ LUCK & MC NEAT – 8.45-9.45pm
RATPACK – 9.45-10.30pm
GAMMER & MC WHIZZKID – 10.30-11.15pm
THE ORDER – 11.15-11.45pm
KLUBFILLER & MC STORM – 11.45-12.30am
SASASAS – 12.30-1.30am
ANDY C & TONN PIPER- 1.30-3am
EVIL B vs B-LIVE – 3-4am
DJ HYPE & IC3 – 4-5am
(All other set times for other arenas will be available on the event program on the night)

For Westfest this year we have made a few important layout changes. Hardcore Heaven has moved into the new and re-designed Edmund Rack building and One Nation’s arena has been spun round so its entrance is at the opposite end, facing the new Hardcore arena alleviating crowding in the tunnel between the buildings. These are important changes to open up the site and make the event more comfortable for everyone.
Westfest 2017 Site Map

We will update this information right up until the event so please check on it again before leaving home for any last minute information you may need.